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I am Debi Hodges, a geeky 40 something who has been online since around 1994.  First in AOL, then on The Realm, and many MMORPG’s since.  I am a web content admin, and I love my profession.

Also, for those who arrived via Heavenleigh.com (my OLD website), I most likely know you from a LONG time ago.  Feel free to friend me on Facebook or just send an old fashioned email.  It’s always nice to hear from old friends!

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So, this was 2016

I really don’t have a lot that is “blog worthy” going on, but I like to make updates on occasion that are more than observations on the humanity (or lack thereof) around me. 2016 was a crazy year, we lost many celebrities that we all adore and we lost our Country… Thanks to those who voted […]

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Human decency… 

So, you meet someone online and end up helping them out with something heart wrenching, are there for them and truly care about their well being and their issue… Then you find out they’re an elitist ass. Do I regret helping them? Nope. My time still wasn’t wasted, people are people and human beings need […]

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