Christmas Eve 2012

It’s Christmas Eve 2012, exactly 22 years since I officially moved to Dallas. i remember the evening we got here with all my stuff, dropped it off at Robert’s mom’s house and went to dinner at his Aunt Lila’s house. i felt immediately at home, they were were such an amazing family full of wonderful, accepting and loving people. The October of the following year, I became a part I this awesome family, and have grown to truly love them as my family. I always think about that first meeting on Christmas Eve, and remember thinking… “I’m home.

Time Flys By

It’s hard to believe that just about a month ago Robert and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We went to Mall of America in Minnesota, it was a LOT of fun, and the 14 hour drive wasn’t even too bad… it helps that we communicate well.

I’m really enjoying my job at American Heart, and my boss is working to get me on in a more permanent manner, hopefully she is able to do so. I am also taking the TREC Exam on Nov. 16… hopefully that goes well… I hate math!

Anyway, a drive by post… not that anyone reads my blog anyway. 🙂

I can has job?

I am healing well, ahead of schedule according to the doctor, and I’m so ready to be working again! I get so bored and depressed when I’m always home alone…

I know the economy sucks, I know we are in a depression, I know my job is a “nice to have” for most companies, and I’ve only been off a month, but it would be nice to be working again.

I am, however, taking Real Estate classes for Licensing purposes, maybe I can sell a few houses? 🙂


I am having three procedures. One is medical, two are related and elective. I’m scared, but will be super excited when it’s all over and I’m finally “normal” again.

Please pardon the spelling on the medical terms, I’m not looking them up.

Procedure 1 is a panticlectomy, where they remove the loose skin on the stomach after major weight loss.

Procedure 2 is a tummy tuck (abdomenoplasty) to tighten the skin left after the first procedure. Then

Procedure 3 is a brachioplasty, where they remove loose arm skin… I’ve wanted this done forever… Now that it’s actually just skin and not “fluff” I’m having it done… Yay.

So, after tomorrow I’ll have a couple of weeks to be sore, then I’ll be a “new” me. Hopefully all of the pain, risk, and annoyance is worth it. I know the Gastric Sleeve changed my life, and probably extended it… So hopefully this is just more… Of that.

1 Week…

So, in exactly 1 week I should be in surgery. I’m both excited and terrified.

I’m having a lot of skin removed (stomach and arms) as a result of my huge weight loss over the past couple years, and will probably have more skin removed before the end of the year (thighs).

I’m super happy about my overall result, and hope that with perseverance I’ll get to the 180 I had as my goal, I’m bouncing between 195-205 right now.

So, I guess, wish me luck… And if you are inclined next Wed/Thursday, I’ll be at Presby Plano for at least a day… If not a couple. 🙂

Time Goes By…

So, I am having surgery on my arms and stomach on Sept 7. I is a little daunting though, because it’s going to be a lot of change on my body and probably a little on mind.

However, I am better spirits than the last time I posted, which is surprising since I am in the process of going off of my Fibromyalgia meds cold turkey. (Cymbalta)

I hope that once my surgery is done and dad is finally finished being situated into our house with his new eyes, teeth and ears, I’ll be able to find a permanent job, I’m really tired of contracts…



It’s hard sometimes to always put on the happy face, the strong-nothing is ever wrong face that people expect from me. I’m generally a very happy person, but I am human and still have down days, sometimes they can get really bad…

I don’t want to be coddled, but sometimes a hug would be nice. It seems like unless you are a big emo ball of emotion people just don’t care. I am not allowed to be sick, to take a day off from people because I feel awful, because I am me… I am strong… I have to always be there for people, even when they are rarely there for me.

Is it fair? No, but I realize that people are selfish and I shouldn’t expect them to treat me fairly… Why should they bother themselves for me? I mean, do I ever do anything for them? I never bend over backwards or inconvenience myself for them… *sigh*

The next chapter…

Well, the house is officially sold as of 4:30 today. It’s both a relief and a little sad, because we were there over 10 years and have a lot of memories there. I’m hoping now that is resolved and we are in a less expensive rental, we will be able to be debt free by 2013. I mean completely, cars and all! Once we get there we can address our final… Address. :-). I want to retire with money in a nice (but reasonable sized) house… This is the first step in that direction.

Yay us!