All Tucked In…

I finished my last skin removal procedure a week ago, and though it was a 10 hours surgery, I am doing pretty well.  They lifted my butt, thighs, and tightened the skin on my sides/upper back.  This was about 2 years after my lower stomach skin removal, tummy tuck and arm lift.  I am finally no longer… saggy.  Now I just need to get to the gym and make some toned muscle underneath!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Fat Girl Brain

Yes, I still have “fat girl” moments.

I know when I look in a mirror, and buy clothes that my size 12 flat tummy isn’t “fat”, but the compulsion is still there.

“Mmm, popcorn… Insert into face”
“Mmm, cheese… Insert into face”
“Mmm, cookies… Insert into face”

And so on… It’s a daily struggle…

I wonder how other people deal with these issues?


2013… The year of improvements!

It’s 2013 and I’m the smallest I’ve ever been in my adult life. 3 years ago I started a journey of weight loss and better health… Now I’m almost 100 lbs lighter, 11 sizes smaller, and leagues healthier as a result. I’ve still got about 25-30 lbs to go, but I truly believe it will happen this year.

Also, almost 1 year ago I started a 1 year contract job at the American Heart Association, and now, within a month I’ll be a permanent employee there. I truly enjoy what I do, and love the people I work with… So I really hope this one sticks.

My dad is doing alright in the nursing home, and though I miss having him here, he is still here and that’s the most important thing… I really thought I was going to lose him back in August when he went to the hospital.

Robert is going back to school, mostly to get some new certifications, but also his BS in IT. He has always been “the Unix guy”, but is living in a very Microsoft world. I’m proud of him for staying current and furthering his education… He’s too brilliant to stagnate.

Oh, and we made it to the status of debt free! I paid off the last credit card in December, and only have the Nissan left to pay off. It was rough, but now we can focus on getting into a smaller house that we want to stay in forever.

Lastly, I’ve been procrastinating on my Real Estate test because I’m terrified of the math portion, but I’m really focusing on going in soon and kicking its butt.

Anyway… I’m pretty happy overall… And I’m looking forward to an awesome year!


I am having three procedures. One is medical, two are related and elective. I’m scared, but will be super excited when it’s all over and I’m finally “normal” again.

Please pardon the spelling on the medical terms, I’m not looking them up.

Procedure 1 is a panticlectomy, where they remove the loose skin on the stomach after major weight loss.

Procedure 2 is a tummy tuck (abdomenoplasty) to tighten the skin left after the first procedure. Then

Procedure 3 is a brachioplasty, where they remove loose arm skin… I’ve wanted this done forever… Now that it’s actually just skin and not “fluff” I’m having it done… Yay.

So, after tomorrow I’ll have a couple of weeks to be sore, then I’ll be a “new” me. Hopefully all of the pain, risk, and annoyance is worth it. I know the Gastric Sleeve changed my life, and probably extended it… So hopefully this is just more… Of that.

1 Week…

So, in exactly 1 week I should be in surgery. I’m both excited and terrified.

I’m having a lot of skin removed (stomach and arms) as a result of my huge weight loss over the past couple years, and will probably have more skin removed before the end of the year (thighs).

I’m super happy about my overall result, and hope that with perseverance I’ll get to the 180 I had as my goal, I’m bouncing between 195-205 right now.

So, I guess, wish me luck… And if you are inclined next Wed/Thursday, I’ll be at Presby Plano for at least a day… If not a couple. 🙂

Time Goes By…

So, I am having surgery on my arms and stomach on Sept 7. I is a little daunting though, because it’s going to be a lot of change on my body and probably a little on mind.

However, I am better spirits than the last time I posted, which is surprising since I am in the process of going off of my Fibromyalgia meds cold turkey. (Cymbalta)

I hope that once my surgery is done and dad is finally finished being situated into our house with his new eyes, teeth and ears, I’ll be able to find a permanent job, I’m really tired of contracts…


Finally – A Healthier Me

So, I just got back all of the lab work from my 1 year surgery follow up and the doctor was ecstatic!  He actually said “If my blood looked this good, I’d be a happy guy!”  I am no longer diabetic (of course that was gone within 3 months of surgery) and my blood pressure is staying normal.  Overall, I feel like a different person, and am truly enjoying the new me.

Now, if I can just shed this last 10-15 pounds… 😛

It’s Under 200!

So, I am lingering around 199 right now, and am in a size 12/14 pants and 14/16 top.  I went shopping the other day for fall clothes and shopped in the REGULAR sizes.  Several XL tops later… and even a pair of TEEN leggings… I feel amazing!

This has been a great decision for me, overall, and I am excited that I am finally healthy and feeling wonderful 🙂

Thanks to everyone for the support!

People are starting to notice!

I saw a friend last night that I haven’t seen since surgery, she didn’t even know I had it done.  She immediately started asking how I lost weight and told me I looked amazing.  It feels good to have people notice… though it helps that I am wearing clothes that fit now, I was wearing my 22’s until last week… 😀

By the way, that same friend, is now the owner of about 8 outfits that I no longer fit in, and I am encouraging her to come work out with me. 🙂

6 Weeks Post Surgery…

and I feel really good!  I am off of all of my meds except my 2x a day chewable Centrum, Claritin (allergies), and bi-weekly B12.  I am eating pretty much anything I want, with the focus on Protein first (carbs last, so not a lot of bread/pasta), and so far I haven’t been sick or in pain from food.  I have had a couple of times where I ate a little too much and got a tad nauseous, but it passed quickly after sucking on a peppermint (the cure for an upset tummy).  🙂

I am down 40 lbs now, and about to break the 230 mark!  I am really excited, especially after a 2 week plateau after I started eating solids again…

Hopefully everything will continue to go well.  🙂