What’s Up?

I recently started a new contract at Fed Ex Office as a Project Manager/System Analyst and am really enjoying the people that I work with, though there isn’t a lot yet to do.  I guess that is the nature of Project Management, it comes in waves.  I am super excited about the potential of this position though, it’s a great stepping stone to another career path that I believe I will excel in because of my diverse organizational skills.

In the area of social activities, there is still the Camarilla, our International LARP (Live Action Role Playing) group, but I think that may be coming to a slow down, if not an end soon.  We haven’t been playing a lot of LARP lately and it just seems to take up more of our time and effort than the reward we receive from it, overall.  I still enjoy the friends we have made, but there is always the option of “board game night”, right?