2013… The year of improvements!

It’s 2013 and I’m the smallest I’ve ever been in my adult life. 3 years ago I started a journey of weight loss and better health… Now I’m almost 100 lbs lighter, 11 sizes smaller, and leagues healthier as a result. I’ve still got about 25-30 lbs to go, but I truly believe it will happen this year.

Also, almost 1 year ago I started a 1 year contract job at the American Heart Association, and now, within a month I’ll be a permanent employee there. I truly enjoy what I do, and love the people I work with… So I really hope this one sticks.

My dad is doing alright in the nursing home, and though I miss having him here, he is still here and that’s the most important thing… I really thought I was going to lose him back in August when he went to the hospital.

Robert is going back to school, mostly to get some new certifications, but also his BS in IT. He has always been “the Unix guy”, but is living in a very Microsoft world. I’m proud of him for staying current and furthering his education… He’s too brilliant to stagnate.

Oh, and we made it to the status of debt free! I paid off the last credit card in December, and only have the Nissan left to pay off. It was rough, but now we can focus on getting into a smaller house that we want to stay in forever.

Lastly, I’ve been procrastinating on my Real Estate test because I’m terrified of the math portion, but I’m really focusing on going in soon and kicking its butt.

Anyway… I’m pretty happy overall… And I’m looking forward to an awesome year!

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