Life … is good

I’ve been really happy lately with my life overall.

I love my job, Robert and I are getting along great, I am exercising and feeling better than I have in years, and we are approaching the end of several debts.  I’d like to be able to also say that we were homeowners again, but that’s still a couple years off.  This is the last house, so we really want to find the perfect place and we want to have about 20% down.

Additionally, I think I have finally let go of the past, the animosity, and the issues that I have held onto for so long.  I know who my real friends are, I know where I stand with my friends and loved ones, and I am more at peace with me than I think I have ever been.  I think maturity has a lot to do with it, but I also feel like I communicate better with people and I don’t allow others to dictate my emotions.

Now, if I can just lost this effing 30lbs… I have been stuck at 190-195 for 4+ years now!

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Posted July 17, 2014 by Debi in category "Friends", "General Life", "I Love My Job!