Trust Owed where Trust is Given

I always wonder why people scream out for attention or help, then when people who care respond, they are shunned. It feels like the old “girl who cried wolf” story. I understand that some people have a hard time with trusting people, even though the people have proven themselves, but then why not just keep it all the way in and not cause those who care the pain of your pain?

When I hurt, people rarely know, because the truth is, nobody has earned that level of trust… Those who almost did, showed me why they don’t deserve it. Despite that, I am still true to my word where they are concerned… It’s a catch 22 when you try to give trust and it’s broken by people you have given it to 100% and they don’t even want it.

What was it I said once? Oh yeah… People suck!

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Posted April 21, 2011 by Debi in category "Friends

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