I am having three procedures. One is medical, two are related and elective. I’m scared, but will be super excited when it’s all over and I’m finally “normal” again.

Please pardon the spelling on the medical terms, I’m not looking them up.

Procedure 1 is a panticlectomy, where they remove the loose skin on the stomach after major weight loss.

Procedure 2 is a tummy tuck (abdomenoplasty) to tighten the skin left after the first procedure. Then

Procedure 3 is a brachioplasty, where they remove loose arm skin… I’ve wanted this done forever… Now that it’s actually just skin and not “fluff” I’m having it done… Yay.

So, after tomorrow I’ll have a couple of weeks to be sore, then I’ll be a “new” me. Hopefully all of the pain, risk, and annoyance is worth it. I know the Gastric Sleeve changed my life, and probably extended it… So hopefully this is just more… Of that.

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Posted September 6, 2011 by Debi in category "Weight Loss

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