The next chapter…

Well, the house is officially sold as of 4:30 today. It’s both a relief and a little sad, because we were there over 10 years and have a lot of memories there. I’m hoping now that is resolved and we are in a less expensive rental, we will be able to be debt free by 2013. I mean completely, cars and all! Once we get there we can address our final… Address. :-). I want to retire with money in a nice (but reasonable sized) house… This is the first step in that direction.

Yay us!


So, on Wednesday, my contact at Fed Ex ended. Apparently they did a reorganization and moved a few employees into our department, pushing contractors out. They did mention that they loved me though, and it wasn’t anything I did. Ahh well, I guess this means I’m meant to be elsewhere. 🙂

I did have a great phone interview on Friday, so maybe that will be something? It is an awesome opportunity! Or maybe I’ll find another job working from home so I won’t have to hire someone to watch my dad.

We will see what the next week brings. 🙂

Moving Sucks!

We got moved, so we are officially living in the rental place now.  It was overall a good move, but with so much stuff and really just me, Robert, and Annie moving the non-furniture items, it took forever.  The movers from Apple did a really good job of getting the stuff from one place to another with no damage (other than losing the dowels from the DVD rack, which they said they would pay to replace).

We are now almost all unpacked, only 3 days later.  It was at the cost of sleep and energy, but it actually almost feels like home.  🙂

A New Beginning?

So, we sold our house. A CASH buyer is closing on in Monday, May 2. We are moving into a rental for a couple years to get our few remaining debts paid off and find our landing spot. (The house we want to retire in) I am really excited, this is a great opportunity to start with better financial decisions and retire with something in savings. I do NOT want to be our parents. 🙂

Check out the listing for the new rental house on

Trust Owed where Trust is Given

I always wonder why people scream out for attention or help, then when people who care respond, they are shunned. It feels like the old “girl who cried wolf” story. I understand that some people have a hard time with trusting people, even though the people have proven themselves, but then why not just keep it all the way in and not cause those who care the pain of your pain?

When I hurt, people rarely know, because the truth is, nobody has earned that level of trust… Those who almost did, showed me why they don’t deserve it. Despite that, I am still true to my word where they are concerned… It’s a catch 22 when you try to give trust and it’s broken by people you have given it to 100% and they don’t even want it.

What was it I said once? Oh yeah… People suck!

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I haven’t mentioned much here about our impending move; so I’ll discuss it now.

Since October 2010, we have been trying to sell our house; we bought it in 2000 and now realize that it is just not conducive to our lifestyle anymore.  We really need a 1 story house that works well for a lot of weekend gaming traffic, and housing us and my father who will be living with us.

Our plan is to sell our house and rent for a couple years until we are completely debt free.  It seems like a good plan for a couple who is in their early 40’s and want time to find that perfect “last” house and have time to pay for it in full before retirement.

So, an update… we have  a potential buyer for our house, and we have found the rental that we want to move into.  Now comes the waiting… waiting for their approvals and to see if they are going to let us rent the house (with fuzzballs in tow).

Wish us luck!



Workity Work Work!

So, I am starting to have work trickle in, and it’s really enjoyable to be editing and researching documentation again. I never actually thought I’d enjoy tech writing, but in moderation, it’s nice. 🙂

Miss My Sis!

I had a really nice week hanging out with my sister while she was here, spent WAY TOO much money though.  I need to focus on saving for the move, since we have a pretty good bid on the house now.  Hopefully by the end of May we’ll be out of the house and onto better and brighter things.

Annie and I got to talk a lot, and spent a lot of time just doing girl stuff, she took some pics for me and Robert (for LARP stuff) and went with me to get my hair done.  We also went out a bit, dinner, bowling, shopping, etc.  I miss her though, I wish she was around more.


A Day Full of Winning!

So, I came in this morning, half asleep and still managed to get a document updated and sent off for review and data by noon.  I have errands to run after work, want to get my nails done, have to clean the chinnies and cook dinner before the guys arrive at 7:30 to play our first Exalted game.

Though, I am feeling better today.  I just really hare hormonal mood swings and the way they make me feel.  I guess it’s worth it though, to not have to be a guy. (Ick)



I wish I had someone I could talk to when I am feeling down.

I have mostly male friends, and they can never understand what it’s like to be a female and have hormonal depression.  Robert tries to listen, but he’s a also guy and usually it’s “it’ll be ok” instead of trying to really understand the issue.  Also, when it’s an issue I have that concerns him (in any fashion) he just glosses over the fact that I have said anything.  I mean, literally changes the subject or says nothing, instead of addressing the issue at hand.  I guess I should be thankful there are no REAL issues there…

I do have a few female friends, but none that I feel would be there for me, completely.  I have tried that in the past (more than once) and been shown that women are generally selfish and if it suits their agenda, they will reveal your private conversations to others with no remorse.

So what do you do?  Just hold it in and wait for it to pass, post it somewhere in a private journal to get it out, or just smile and pretend everything is fine… I’m not sure anymore… but if anyone has suggestions… I am open to try them.