Why walls exist…

I guess I shouldn’t be upset or surprised when “friends” blow me off. Especially those who always act like I should always be there for them, but when reversed they are not capable of being there for me. I tried, but everything I say goes in one ear and out their mouth.

It’s also frustrating to always be nice, generous, caring and friendly, and still be thought of as this super woman with no feelings or emotion. Sure, I used to hide behind a bitch persona, but I’m not hiding anymore, and being exposed is hard. Especially when the emo, whiny, selfish, attention whores get all of the “oh she’s so nice” even though they rarely even check on “friends” unless they’re contacted first…

Also to not be able to say anything to anyone because “they’re fragile” and if they have their feelings hurt, they’ll implode.

And people wonder why 90% of my friends are male. Ugh!

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Posted February 2, 2014 by Debi in category "Friends", "General Life", "The World Around Me