We all have those “friends” that are a bad investment.

We care, so we try to be there for them, and it is rarely reciprocated. It would be nice to get a “hi” once in a while, or an “I acknowledge you still exist” without them needing money. When I contact people like this, it’s usually to say “hey, I’m thinking about you”, and I get a canned response of “everything sucks” or other drama and a robotic “how are you?”.

I know I’m not the center of anyone’s universe, (wouldn’t really want to be, honestly) and frankly, if they don’t want me in their life, I’m happy to go away… But I’m getting too old for bullshit friends.

This isn’t to say I invest a lot of emotion into these people, I’m pretty pragmatic. I used to get all upset when people blew me off, now I just chalk it up to people being inherently selfish. I’m not going to stop being a good person and making efforts until someone shows me repeatedly that I should.

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Posted September 20, 2015 by Debi in category "Friends", "General Life", "People and Pets